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Welding Rotator

Semi automatic MIG welding rotator of circular tubes and bars.
This a semi automatic welder was developed for a local company.
The task was to weld a 28mm dia solid bright M/S bar on to the end of a 32mm dia x 1.5mm thick ERW tube.
The tube with the bar inserted is placed on the rollers.
The MIG torch is permanently held in position on brackets, the welding rotator, torch and motor, are switch on by the operator pressing the start button and off via an adjustable timer. The photos of the welds that are shown, took 10sec each.
The photos and video were take before the wiring and controls were in there final position.
The cost would be about 1,150.00 for the Semi automatic control welding rotator, a simple off switch control would be cheaper.

We are now developing a semi automatic MIG welder for straight welds.
The prototype is shown below.