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Extension Arms

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Fire Door

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Toasted Sandwich Maker
Fire-Spout Attachments

The extension arms they are supplied in units of two, they are placed in holes and notches in the Fire-Spout

Using the extension arms you will be able to:
(1) Have two pots cooking on the top of the Fire-Spout.
(2) Heat a can of food using only the can, or used the empty can to boil water.
(3) Used a methylated sprit burner.

Using the fuel saver Fire Door you will be able to:
(1) When in the closed position, keep the fire just alight, the fire can be left for up to 30mins so allowing you to eat your meal without attending to it yet still be able to restart the fire from the embers to make coffee after your meal. 
(2) In windy conditions stop the fire roaring out of control.
(3) Have more control over the fire, very useful when using the Fire-Spout as a cooking stove. 
(4) Start a fire in very windy conditions

Toasted Sandwich Maker for details Click Here
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