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Fire-Spout 100

The Fire-Spout 100 is a one-piece collapsible wood burning camp stove, manufactured from stainless steel. It will give a roaring fire in about three minutes of striking a match.
You can use it for cooking, and after the meal it makes a great camp fire.
You can simmer a pot by putting in short stick, with practice you can control the fire, from a rolling boil to a gentle simmer.
At home it can be used in the garden to start a bon fire or as a table top fire on the patio (protect the table with house bricks etc).

The four sides of the Fire-Spout can be dismantled or assembled in seconds.
Dimensions are nominally:-
Folded 140mm X 8mm X 218mm. Un-Folded 140mm X 130mm X 218mm Ht
Weight 750grams Note:- 30grams = 1oz, 25mm = 1inch

Features of Fire-Spout 100
The Fire-Spout 100 has been developed as a result of customer demand for a portable wood burning camp stove that can be operated in adverse conditions, i.e. high winds. By having only one air intake port, which can be restricted with the fuel saver fire door, the effects of high winds are reduced and in most situations have no effect. With the fuel saver fire door in the closed position the embers will remain alight for over ½ hour making it very easy to rekindle the fire. You will not have to interrupt your meal to feed the fire, it can easily be rekindled later to boil water for coffee or tea.

Clear an area of about 400mm sq. of ignitable material and as far as practicable make the area level. Assembled the Fire-Spout and position it so the exhaust port is facing down wind. Put any easily ignitable material into the top and push down (in the photo below paper is used), then place some dry sticks on top, you do not have to arrange them just throw in this initial charge of fuel. Ignite the fire and wait, in about three minutes you will have a roaring fire.

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Part folded
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Open, Front view
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Charged with Fuel
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In 3 minutes a roaring fire
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Tea Up
Once the fire is established a litre of boiling water is a few minutes away.
The Fire-Spout will:-
Burn damp wood, but ensure that the fire is well established, you can dry wood by resting it on the outer casing.
Be a cooking stove for a small group (up to four).
Used as a camper fire for a small group (up to six).
Used to start a much larger camp fire.

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