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Fire-Spout Mini

The Fire-Spout-Mini is a one-piece collapsible wood burning camp stove, manufactured from stainless steel. It will give a roaring fire in about three minutes of striking a match.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket. It makes a great camp fire, can be used for cooking, either frying or boiling. If you want to simmer or operate in adverse conditions the Fire-Spout 100 is a better option. At home it can be used in the garden or as a table top fire on the patio (protect the table with house bricks etc).

Video of Fire-Spout Mini being lit:

Dimensions are nominally:-
Folded 120mm X 154mm H X 10mm. Un-folded 120mm X 114mm X 154mm H
Weight 400grams Note:- 30grams = 1oz, 25mm = 1inch

Clear an area of about 400mm sq. of ignitable material and as far as practicable make the area level. Position the Fire-Spout so that the front is facing the wind. Put any easily ignitable material into the top and push down (in the photo on the right wood shavings are used), then place some dry sticks on top, you do not have to arrange them just throw in this initial charge of fuel. Ignite the kindling and wait, in about three minutes you will have a roaring fire. Once the fire is established a litre of boiling water is a few minutes away.

The Fire-Spout-Mini will-:
Burn damp wood, ensuring the fire is well established. Wood can be dried by resting it on the outer casing.
Is a great camper fire for one or two.
Can start a much larger camp fire.
Used as the top fire on a Dutch Oven

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click for larger image of camp stove
Part closed
click for larger image of camp stove
Fully open
click for larger image of camp stove
Charge with fuel
click for larger image of camp stove
In 3 minutes a great campfire
click for larger image of camp stove
Tea Up

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