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Other Uses for log splitters

Our log splitters work on a well known principal the technical name is a slide hammer.
It has many uses below are a few that I have used.
If you find others please let me know.

Cut through roots of bushes and trees.
If you are removing a bush or a small tree, by digging down to the roots you can break them with the log splitter, this make the job a lot easier.

Make a deep hole in the ground.
If you want to put a post in the ground you can punch a deep hole in the soil with the log splitter.

Scraper (Heavy Duty)

Scraper (Heavy Duty) Scraper (Heavy Duty)

Do you want to clear a path or patio of ice or other material then
1) Remove the slide hammer.
2) In the open end of the wedge assembly put a bolster chisel or other tool
Note: The chisel is held in with a wedge i.e. suitable sized nail.

Chisel (Heavy Duty)
We can sell you a plain tube so you can use the slide hammer with the chisel. Ideal for cutting blocks and concrete.
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